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Author Topic: Sherman LeBlanc  (Read 215 times)

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Sherman LeBlanc
« on: August 25, 2017, 08:12:32 AM »
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Played By: Thaddeus

Character Type: Main character
Full Name: Sherman Levi LeBlanc
Nickname: Levi, bulldog (though I would advise you not call him this)

First Position: Tactical/Security officer

Second Position: Engineering officer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Assigned Quarters: Deck 3
Duty Shift: Primarily Alpha or Beta


Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 39 || DOB: 2 Oct 2349

Height: 6'3"
197 lbs
Hair Color: Ginger/brown
Eye Color: Blue/grey

Physical Description:

Sherman has a looming and intimidating figure standing at 6'3" with ginger-brown hair and grey-blue (depending on which light he's standing under.) He is of average muscle mass, which has been rather evenly spread out across his body. His face is often stoic or pensive with a rare chance you'll catch him smiling, but almost 9.5/10, he'll look as if he's disgruntled about something. Sherman's face is often kept clean-shaven.


Father: Warwick (Deceased)
Mother: Francine (Alive)
An elder sister, Mary (43)
Other Family: Several other cousins, aunts and uncles whom he does not remain in contact with enough

[Personality & Traits]

General Overview:

Sherman is a difficult person to get along with, his often disgruntled and blunt persona puts off most people. He is an introvert at heart, rather having his space for himself to think - which can make him very reluctant to seek help from other people.

His flight or fight instincts have definitely been stuck on fight for as long as he could remember, rather punching first and asking questions or apologising later. Certainly being on the slightly older side, he prefers to stick with traditional; making him rather old-school in his approach to problems and a little rigid against sudden changes with technology.

Putting his head down to get on with the task at hand is something that Sherman has had for a while, in between all his propensity to break out into verbal sparring matches or physical altercations. However, Sherman can also be rather stubborn; if he's found one way to deal with a situation, he'll stick with it until a very good argument or case can convince him otherwise.

It is also to note that Sherman has a particular sense of humor.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • + Hard-working
  • + Observant
  • + Loyal
  • ~ Often goes with his gut if experience cannot be applied to a situation, has a tendency for going around a rule if he disagrees vehmently
  • - Stubborn
  • - Blunt
  • - Old-school
  • - Overly competitive

Ambitions / Personal Goals:


When he's not on-duty, Sherman enjoys listening to old classical jazz tunes, something that had been passed down from his father when he was a young child. He often accompanies this with wood whittling, something he's enjoyed for many years. 


  • Whittling
  • Classical literature and historical biographies
  • Darts

Personal History:

Born in Kentucky, Texas in 2349 to parents Warwick and Francine LeBlanc as the youngest child, coming a few years after his eldest sister, Mary. His father had been a former marine before getting medically discharged due to being rendered blind in one eye.

Joined Starfleet in 2366 at the age of 17 when his sister had finished university. It was a rocky start with a couple of almost-incidents between him and other cadets, Sherman was often on the edge of being kicked out due to difficulties transitioning from one life to another, he managed to turn it around halfway through the second month.

After passing the Academy, he was assigned on-board U.S.S Eclipse as an engineering ensign. It was a learning curve, something in which he had to once again get used to. In late 2369, he was reprimanded for a scuffle in which Sherman had instigated due to being provoked by another ensign who had a family connection with the LeBlanc's. This continued as they were on-board the same ship, in which two years later without incident, the other had initiated the fight in an attempt to get Sherman moved.

Starfleet History:

2366 - 2367 :: Starfleet academy (Engineering)
2367 - 2369 :: Assigned on board U.S.S Eclipse. Late 2369 - Reprimanded for fighting; he started this one
2371 :: Reprimanded for fighting; the other person started it
2373 :: Dominion and the Federation outbreak of violence
2377 - 2378 :: Starfleet academy for tactical/ security officer training
2379 - 2382 :: Tact-sec officer for U.S.S Voyager
2384 - 2385 :: U.S.S Hawk; tact-sec officer
2386 - 2387 :: SB Unity
2388 :: Detailed to U.S.S Valhalla

Medical History:

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