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Author Topic: Isla McAines  (Read 254 times)

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Isla McAines
« on: December 12, 2016, 03:23:48 PM »
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Played By: sorra
Character Type: Main Character

Character Information
Full Name:    Isla McAines (Isla Fisher for face claim)
First Position: Chief Operations Officer
Second Position:  second officer

Rank:  Lieutenant Commander

Gender       Female
Species       human
Age       30

Physical Appearance
Height       5'6"
Weight       120
Hair Color       Red
Eye Color       Green
Physical Description       Physically fit and muscular. She appears as intimidating as her persona reflects.


Father       Morris McAines
Mother       Sheanna McAines


She is intelligent and strong, overly confident and generally right about things. This overconfidence and vast experience in many things has lead her to loneliness as her intimidating persona and her knack for thinking low of just about everyone drives many away. She does have the look and sometimes, flirtatious nature to attract others. It is what is beneath the skin that leaves her alone most of the time.

Writing/Note taking
Surprising enough eventing with horses

Isla was born to Morris and Sheanna McAines at the stroke of midnight on a winter day.  The girl was happy enough, but as she grew it became quite obvious that she was too smart for her own good.  She pushed people away as she got bored easily and changed her mind on what she wants to do constantly.  Her parents did their best to keep her occupied but she seemed to just draw in on herself more.

Her father was a medical officer aboard one of the star fleet ships and he thought that this might keep his daughter occupied.  It didn’t though as she was bored with medicine quickly but soon found that she had a knack for languages and puzzles were the one thing that she did enjoy.

During her school years she picked up being on a riding team.  She really didn’t have any friends as they all got tired of listening to what she had to say and finding out she was 9 times out of 10 right, but she did form a close bond with her horse and trainer.  Her trainer was the one person who seemed to understand what she was on the inside.

Once she graduated she chose to go into the Starfleet Academy, not necessarily as a medical officer but rather she took courses in cryptology that she loved of course she picked up some more language courses, wanting to learn everything she could.  She even enjoyed learning about how the different ships worked and were built, soaking up the new information like a sponge.  It was one of the few times she felt truly happy and satisfied.  Unfortunately though she became known as a trouble maker as it seemed she was constantly questioning the instructors and getting on the other students nerves. The hidden exams that had her dealing with people was also something she didn’t do well with.

She did graduate though at top of her class and was soon assigned to her first ship.  That wasn’t to last long though as she butted heads with the captain.  She was on three different other ships with the same reactions until she was finally assigned to the U.S.S. Vahalla.  How long she will be on this ship is anyone’s guess.
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