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Author Topic: Samus Thraan (RNPC)  (Read 212 times)

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Samus Thraan (RNPC)
« on: November 15, 2016, 12:39:16 PM »
**Approved SD**

Played By: Open/Non-adoptable
Character Type: Reserved NPC (Means anyone can use him in any posts, but changes are reserved by creator)
Full Name: Samus Thraan

First Position: Bartender

Second Position:

Rank: N/A

Assigned Quarters: Deck 7
Duty Shift:


Gender: Male
Species: Unknown Terrestrial Humanoid
Age: Unknown

Height: 6'4"
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Magenta or Dark Maroon

Physical Description:

Samus is tall with a broad, muscular body type. He has a scar over his left eyebrow. A full facial beard and mustache can be seen along with the occasional long, curled hair or tied back into a ponytail. His eyes sometimes changes between magenta and dark maroon. He looks human, but doesn't act it. His aura puts off people making them decide whether they should trust him or not. Aside from that scar, he has several others. He is strong physically.

[Personality & Traits]

General Overview:

Samus looks to be at his mid thirties, but he is a lot older than that. He looks human except for a few differences in his physical makeup. He has an extra lung which helps him store oxygen. He can survive in an zero oxygen zone a bit longer than a human before he falls into a hibernating state. He can also handle certain radiation types better than a human can and is resistant or immune to certain diseases or sicknesses. He doesn't seem to age or get sick easily.

He has a disarming smile that puts off people who try to ask about him. He can share some details, but leaves a lot out in order to keep himself more mysterious.

There is a lot about him that is unknown as he isn't willing to share, but only if they ask him then he will comply to their requests. He seems to be useful in all sorts of things, but elects to remain a bartender for the USS Valhalla so he can share secrets and information from time to time or if it warrants someone's attention, then he will be at your door with surprising information or changes.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

+He is strong in his build with varieties of different combat techniques. He works out a lot.

-He sees too much happening in the galaxy and wants to help. However, some details he can't share he keeps back so that his friends can figure out for themselves. He hides his weaknesses behind his disarming smile and colored eyes.
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