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Author Topic: Elspeth Deblin  (Read 289 times)

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Elspeth Deblin
« on: November 04, 2016, 07:32:12 PM »
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Position: Assistant Chief Science Officer (Secondary Character)
Rank: Master Warrant Officer

First Name: Elspeth
Last Name: Deblin
Gender: Female
Race: El-Aurian/Bajoran
Father: Bekku Deblin
Mother: Krisyo Akila
DOB: 2229
Place of Birth: Musilla Province: Bajor
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 137 lbs

Appearance: Due to her El-Aurian heritage, Elspeth appears to be in her late 30’s. She has the typical Bajoran nose ridges, and wears the traditional earring on her right ear. Elspeth has should length black hair which she often wears up in a bun.

Personality: With 74 years combined service in Starfleet, Elspeth has seen a lot of changes in policies and alliances. Modern Starfleet/ Federation personnel seem quicker to invoke the Prime Directive, and less willing to get involved in outside events. Elspeth feels this shift had a direct result on the Bajoran occupation as well as the events surrounding the Dominion War. She is not afraid to speak her mind, but at the same time knows when to keep her mouth shut. Elspeth follows the basic tenants of the Bajoran faith. While she understands the scientific theories surrounding the Prophets and the Bajoran Wormhole, she still believes the Prophets had, and continue to have, a direct influence on the Bajoran people.

Over the years, Elspeth has learned how to play various instruments, however the trumpet has remained as her favorite with the flute a close second. During her time with the Bajoran Resistance she learned how to play the belaklavion, an instrument which she will still play from time to time.

Elspeth loves to explore ideas through experimentation, trial and error and first-hand experience. This has helped her in both the engineering and science careers throughout her life. She enjoys outside interest in her activities, as long as they don’t interfere with the work.

Elspeth is distrustful of most Cardassians, although she tries to evaluate them on an individual basis. 

Flexible Logic, likes practical solutions, independent, adaptable
Weakness: Impulsive, spontaneous, dislikes a large amount of rules/procedures, stubborn

Hobbies: Volleyball, Oil Painting, Trumpet, Flute, belaklavion



Elspeth’s mother was an El-Aurian who left the home world in the early 23rd century. After several years of travelling and visiting other worlds, Krisyo settled on Bajor. It was there she met and married a Bajoran merchant named Bekku. In spring of 2229, Krisyo gave birth to her third child, Elspeth. Despite a mixed heritage, the children were primarily raised in the Bajoran culture. As members of the Mi'tino caste, they weren’t in the upper echelons of society but weren’t undesirables either.  Growing up Elspeth expressed interest in the Bajoran sport of Reiltas. Not surprisingly she joined the JV team, her first year of high school. During her last year of high school, Elspeth lead the varsity team to a first place finish in the district championship.

Early Adulthood:
Upon completion of high school, Elspeth enrolled in Bajor University where she studied architecture. While she enjoyed working for a small architecture firm, she was always enthralled by her mother’s stories of space travel. Thus in 2254 she quit her job as an architect and signed on with a passing freighter heading for someplace called Andoria. By the time the freighter reached its destination, she had decided to join Starfleet.

Starfleet Engineer:
After completing enlisted training, Elspeth was assigned to the Soyuz Class USS Belyayev as an engineer. She served on the Belyayev until 2262 when she was reassigned to the Engineering vessel USS USS Masao. Soon after, the crew was assigned to aide in the construction of Starbase 47 (Vanguard Station). Once it was completed in 2265, her request was granted to stay on as a member of the station’s engineering team. The idea of serving on a Starbase in the Taurus Reach appealed to her more than staying on the Tesla. While on Vanguard, she was excited to learn that the human sport of volleyball was similar to Reiltas. She would remain on Vanguard until 2268 when the station was destroyed during a Tholian attack. During the evacuation of Vanguard, she found herself on the USS Endeavor. As they were in need of more engineering personnel, Elspeth remained aboard the Constitution class starship for many years.

Starfleet Science:
In 2287, Elspeth decided to change careers. To make that happen, she enrolled in the University of Alpha Centauri. There she studied planetary science and astrophysics. Upon completion of her studies, Elspeth was assigned to the USS Dirac as a science officer. In early 2298 she signed on the USS Excelsior for a 2 year tour of duty aboard the starship. As the century drew to an end, Tori realized she had been in Starfleet for forty years. She was considering leaving Starfleet when the offer came to join a new expedition to the planet Sirona 5. A freighter crew had recently discovered the remains of an ancient civilization on the planet, and Starfleet was interested in learning how lived there and why the planet was presently uninhabited. While the A&A officers focused on the culture itself, Elspeth was part of a team looking at major geological events that shaped the world. This was the start of a 19 year career with the Starfleet Planetary Sciences Division. 

Post Starfleet:

Despite being lightyears away from Bajor, Elspeth kept an eye on the happenings at her home world. By 2319, the Cardassian Empire had started showing interest in Bajor. Feeling uneasy about this turn of events, Elspeth resigned from Starfleet to once again go back to school. She completed her undergrad in pre-law at Trinity College in Dublin Ireland. Upon completion of her undergrad, she transferred to Cambridge University Law School with an Emphasis in interstellar law. Upon finishing her studies and passing the bar exam, she accepted a job with a law firm that worked closely with the Federation on matters of interstellar law. While in school and working with the law firm, Elspeth continued to look for was to disrupt the Cardassian hold on the Bajoran people. When Cardassia formally annexed Bajor a few years later, Elspeth watched with interest as to how the other galactic powers would respond. As the reports coming out of Bajor worsened, Elspeth continued to try and get help from the Federation. Finally she realized there little the outside world would do.

Bajoran Resistance:
In late 2333, Elspeth left Starfleet with the goal of returning to Bajor and joining the growing resistance movement against the Cardassian occupation. Due to the political situation, Elspeth had to call in several favors in order to sneak into Bajoran space. While there was some initial hesitation due to her being away from Bajor for such a long time, her Starfleet training proved useful. She was quickly assigned to the Bram Resistance Cell. For the first several months she avoided getting involved in direct combat. Instead she worked behind the scenes repairing what few vehicles were available and fixing the cell’s equipment. As she grew more comfortable, Elspeth started going on small raids. Her goal was twofold. First was to help push the Cardassians out of Bajoran space, as well as to learn what happened to her family. She learned that her father had been killed by the Cardassians 3 years prior, but the whereabouts of her mother would not be known until after the occupation ended. During one raid, she ran into her younger sister who was working with a different resistance cell. Then, she also learned one brother was thought to be working in ore processing on Terok Nor, and the other hadn’t been seen since the resistance movement started. Their other sister had been drafted by the Cardassians to help provide medical treatment to their people.

Bajoran Militia:
Finally in 2369, amidst pressure from the Federation and the Bajoran Resistance, the Cardassians left the Bajor sector. With the occupation over, Elspeth briefly considered rejoining Starfleet, but unsure of the Federation’s intentions regarding Bajor chose to join the Militia. With not much need for Scientists in the Militia, Elspeth took up an engineering position on the newly designated DS9. She spent four years in the Bajoran Militia, both helping Bajor become more independent and learning about how Starfleet had changed over the last few decades She was pleased in 2371, when the Depta Council seemingly took command of the Cardassian Government. It was hoped by many that this would lead to much needed reforms on Cardassia.

Return to Starfleet:
Once the Cardassians allied themselves with the Dominion, and various non-aggression pacts were signed, Elspeth decided to rejoin Starfleet. While she trusted the Dominion to honor the pact for the present, she didn’t know how long it would last. Therefore, rejoining Starfleet seemed like the best way to continue keeping Bajor safe. With her enlistment paperwork almost complete, Elspeth fled DS9 with the rest of the Starfleet personnel when the Dominion forces attacked. Wanting to return to a science job, she was assigned to the USS Zhuang as a junior enlisted. She stayed aboard the ship until late 2374, when it was destroyed in battle. Upon rescue, she was promptly assigned to the USS Archer in the same capacity. She would remain on the Archer until 2388 when she was asked to join the Valhalla on their exploration of the Gamma Quadrant.

2247-2251: Architecture School: University of Bajor
2251-2254: Architect- Kintech Incoporated: Bajor

2255-2256: Starfleet Engineering School
2256-2262: Engineer: USS Belyayev
2262-2265: Engineer: USS Masao
2265-2268: Engineer: Vanguard Station (SB 47)
2268-2287: Engineer: USS Endeavor

2287-2291: University of Alpha Centauri: Bachelor of Science: Planetary science and Astrophysics

2291-2298: Science Officer: USS Dirac
2298-2300: Science Officer: USS Excelsior
2300-2319: Scientist: Planetary Science Division

2319-2323: Pre-Law: Trinity College- Dublin Ireland
2323-2326: Law School: Cambridge University
2326-2333: Lawyer: Zunlane Law Firm

2333-2369: Bajoran Resistance
2369-2373: Engineer: Bajoran Militia- DS9

2373-2374: Scientist: USS Zhuang
2374-2388: Scientist: USS Archer
2388-Present: Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Valhalla

 OOC: I'll fill in the family stuff later when I get a chance.
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