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Author Topic: Kasey Huxley  (Read 268 times)

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Kasey Huxley
« on: November 02, 2016, 05:38:23 PM »
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Name: Kasey Huxley
Gender: Male
Species: Betazoid
Age: 38
DOB: 2350

First Position: Chief Engineer

Second Position: Operations Officer

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Assigned Quarters: Deck 3
Duty Shift: Alpha, Beta

Height: 5’11
Weight: 179 lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye: Black

Physical Description: He keeps his hair cut short and has a mustache. Typical black irises of Betazoids.

Spouse:  Lavinia
Children: Daughter: Aurelia (16)  Son: Eamon (10)
 Father: Amias
Mother: Imogen
Brother: Ettore
Sister(s): Merrigan Dabney, Ryo Parham

Other Family: Rory Parham, Cyrus Dabney, Cleora Huxley, Gervas Nesbitt, Eulalia Huxley, Sage Helton, Imani Gallagher, Laszlo Gallagher

Kasey prefers to approach a problem through troubleshooting and trial and error. His hands on approach to life influenced his decisions to become and pilot and later on an engineer. While not fully trusting of those in the Intel community, he has learned how to be amiable towards the. Kasey will lead by example, while at the same time giving those under him plenty of leeway to do their job. He isn’t usually the first one to volunteer for a leadership position, but has no problem stepping up to the plate if the need arises.

Strengths: Flexible, Open Minded, Objective, Honest

Weakness: Absent-Minded, stubborn, and Sometimes condescending

Related Skills: Small Craft Piloting, Computer Programming, Structural Engineering, Mechanics

Ambitions: As XO of a starship, he would like to make successful first contact with a never before known species.  Kasey would like to be involved in creating a new shuttle craft from the ground up.

Hobbies: Flying small craft, Hoverball, Mystery Holo-Novels, Banjo, Guitar

Kasey was born on the Planet Arawath Prime, where both his parents were serving as members of the Federation Diplomatic Corps. As the planet was part of the Hyrokkin Confederacy, this made Kasey a legal citizen of the Confederacy. As there is currently no conflict of interest, Kasey has maintained his dual citizenship with the Hyrokkin Confederacy and the United Federation of Planets. When he was 7 years old, the Huxley family moved to Orilla as part of the effort to help convince the Mulzirak to join the Federation, or at least sign a formal alliance with the UFP. Shortly before Kasey’s 13th birthday, the family once again moved. This time to the Starfleet installation Draken IV due to the Romulan Empire’s renewed interest in interstellar politics. Soon after arriving at Draken IV, Kasey learned how to fly shuttlecraft, and found the experience greatly enjoyable. He quickly joined the youth racing league, and at age 14 entered his first race.
From an early age he learned how to play the guitar, and due to the influence of his Academy roommate, Kasey also learned the Banjo with a focus on Bluegrass.

Starfleet Academy:
In 2368, Kasey joined Starfleet Academy just after his 18th birthday. His original intent was to major in engineering with a minor in flight control. However, with clouds of war gathering on the horizon, he switched his course of study after his first year; majoring in flight control, with a minor in operations. The summer before his senior year, Kasey went to the Marine Advanced Combat Pilot Academy, for some additional training as a fighter pilot. This was not the full course, but rather a condensed summer session designed to give cadets an overview of combat tactics.
After his sophomore year Kasey married Lavinia Gallagher, whom he met on Draken IV.

Service Record:   
Upon Graduation from Starfleet Academy in 2372 he was assigned to the USS Thunderbolt, NCC 73051 as a fighter pilot. During the Dominion War he served as a fighter pilot, participating in most major engagements of the war. After the destruction of the Thunderbolt towards the end of the war, Huxley was temporarily assigned to the Akira class, USS Dragon. After the end of hostilities, Kasey made the decision to re-enroll at Starfleet Academy to pursue a career in engineering.

In 2375, Kasey returned to Starfleet Academy to study Engineering. As he had originally minored in operations and was focusing on just engineering classes, Kasey was able to complete his education in just over two years’ time. As expected he was once again assigned to the USS Thunderbolt, with a few changes. He was now an engineer aboard the Ambassador Class ship, which was assigned to the Federation side of the DMZ with the Cardassians. In 2379 he was reassigned to the USS Ben-Nevis as Chief Engineer. After the destruction of the Ben-Nevis in 2381, Kasey transferred to the Calisto along with most of the crew. In 2383 he transferred positions onboard the Calisto to become the Chief Operations officer. Three years later, he took over as the 2nd XO of the Calisto while remaining the Chief of Operations.

In 2388, the Calisto was heavily damaged in the Battle of Rivendell which meant it would need extensive overhaul to once again be space worthy. During the overhaul, Kasey recieved orders transferring him aboard the Valhalla class starship as Chief Engineer.

Service Record:

2368-2372: Cadet @ Starfleet Academy

2372-2374: Fighter Pilot: USS Thunderbolt

2374-2375: Fighter Pilot: USS Dragon

2375-2377: Starfleet Academy Engineering Program

2377-2379: Engineer: USS Thunderbolt-B

2379-2381: Chief Engineer: USS Ben-Nevis

2381-2383: Chief Engineer: USS Calisto

2383-2386: Chief Operations Officer: USS Calisto

2386-2388: Chief Operations Officer/ 2XO: USS Calisto

2388-Present: Chief Engineer: USS Valhalla

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