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Author Topic: Camryn Sheppard  (Read 266 times)

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Camryn Sheppard
« on: November 01, 2016, 12:19:29 PM »
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Played By: Greenhorn

Character Type: Main Character
Full Name: Camryn Sheppard
Nickname: Ryn

First Position: Executive Officer

Second Position:

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Assigned Quarters: Deck 2
Duty Shift: Varies. Alpha and Beta


Gender: Female
Species: Part Klingon/ Part El Aurian
Age: July 13th, 2338

Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Iridescent with a green shade or hue

Physical Description:

Ryn has lean muscles. Her physical posture is athletic as she a lot of cardio. She is strong physically. Being part Klingon, this is who she is. She has cranial ridges. Her Iridescent eyes are a part of her El Aurian lineage. Being a woman of both sides, Ryn has learned to control her emotions and walk like a military officer should walk. 


Father: Gareth of the House of Roq
Mother: Rynn Sheppard (Deceased)
Siblings: None
Other Family:

[Personality & Traits]

General Overview:

Ryn is a person who prefers to do her own thing. She listens and keeps an open mind while listening to others. A part of her is an El Aurian. She has a reputation as a listener but she also has a strong heart and mind with a fierce heart of a Klingon. She tends to get lonely and wanders off to be alone in her thoughts. She may be a solitary person, but she prefers companionship with others.

Ryn has what you would called a skilled ear. She can listen and feel people. Their interactions, fears and their happiness. Both of her parents helped her hone this skill. She also has eidetic memory as she is able to remember distinct details of things and she never forgets. She still retains some of her natural Klingon strength. She also has engineering skills, combat skills and some martial arts including Muay Thai, Cardio Kickboxing and Klingon combat.

Her bouts of sparring the holodecks has conditioned her in strength and endurance. Her expression can be cold and callous. However, her "Listener" side has made her soft and willing to let things slide as she has a willingness to listen. She doesn't tolerate people who don't follow the rules.

Her confidence can be seen in her military stride as she always keeps her posture straight. She is a fighter as years of combat experience made her, not just physically stronger but mentally as well. Her Cardio Kickboxing is a plus as it helped improve her confidence in herself. It has made her able to get things done if they need to be. Her works in engineering and operations improved.

Her sides can be useful in certain areas. For to be diplomatic for certain alien treaties or basic diplomatic meetings with other people, she uses her "listening" side. For to be basically used as a weapon against a certain warring party or random Klingon interference, she uses her "bludgeon" side.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

+She has the strength of a Klingon as well as combat skills that match her strength and conditioning
+She is a listener as she can talk to certain people to help them understand the side of things
+She gets things done in an precise, orderly manner and never leave things unfinished

-She can be overbearing at times because of her Klingon side. That's where some of her callousness comes in.
-Because of her split Klingon/El Aurian side, she can contradict her own statement

Ambitions / Personal Goals: To be the best she can be, just as an officer but as her own being or person. She knows she's not perfect, but she will work toward her own goals. Her secondary goal is to become an commanding officer as she wants to command her own someday.

Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Spelunking, Hiking

Interests: Holonovels, Bat’leth combat, Martial Arts

Biographical Data

Personal History:

She was born on Mars in Utopia Prime. Her mother was El Aurian but her father was Klingon. They had a turbulent idea of how to raise their half breed child. Her father was a Klingon who happened to fall in love with a passing El Aurian female who he mated with. He was Gareth, of the house of Roq. Her mother was Rynn Sheppard.

They raised her, but Gareth wanted their daughter to live near Qo’nos. Her mother, Rynn, objected and wanted to raise their daughter near Starfleet. Rynn was a counselor and Gareth was a Klingon engineer. Camryn had a difficulty growing up because of her volatile Klingon side. However, her El Aurian side allowed her better control over her own demons.

When she was old enough to make her own decisions, Camryn wanted to join Starfleet against her father’s wishes. She didn’t want to just pick one, so instead she took both and decided to pursue engineering further while not forgetting her empathic side. Eventually, her father gave in and allowed her to pursue Starfleet while not letting her forget her own proud Klingon heritage. She moved to San Francisco alone where she attended the academy there for four years.

During her stay, she made a lot of friends. They started calling her Ryn instead of Camryn, so the name stuck and it became her nickname. She didn’t mind as it was also her mother’s name. During the academy, her mother perished when she was murdered by a rival Klingon clan. Ryn requested a temporary leave from the academy to join her father to avenge her mother’s death. While in Qo’nos, she met the rest of her family in the house of Roq including her half-brothers and half-sister. They accepted her into the family through a blood vow. Her honored Klingon name was Ryn of the house of Roq, daughter of Gareth and Rynn.

When she graduated from the Starfleet academy at 2357, her first posting was onboard the USS Victory as a systems engineer. She enjoyed her posting for six years until she was chosen by a select few to join the Enterprise D on her first maiden voyage to Farpoint Station. She accepted the honor of becoming the engineer’s assistant and the promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

During her stay on the Enterprise, she made a lot of friends among her co-workers including Guinan. She also learned a lot of skills including some cooking techniques from Will Riker. It was a good six years for her onboard the ship until she wanted to move on to the next stage of her life. In 2371, she requested a transfer to the USS Defiant in order to become her engineer. She also had a small room onboard Deep Space Nine. She would visit Bajor pursued many other interests including rock climbing, spelunking and hiking. During that time she gained her own strength by becoming stronger and healthier. She preferred the real thing and not the holodeck. She also enjoyed long walks along the station and holonovel reading.

During her time on DS9, she grew closer to Chief Miles O’Brien. He even fostered her interest in operations especially after showing her the ropes around a Terok Nor station. Even during the Dominion war, Ryn continued to have an interest in learning the ropes of command. She went through some trials and errors. She was fascinated by operations and continued to improve her skills in this area by transferring to a bigger ship. Because of her loneliness and shyness, she requested a transfer back to her more familiar ground. She transferred to the USS Enterprise E where she saw her friends again.

As a Lieutenant Commander, she was part of the bridge crew as an operations officer. There, she spent her better part of ten years learning the ropes of command. She was involved in several away teams with her as the leader. After a few trial and errors, she eventually got a handle in it.

Starfleet History:

Her engineering expertise in Warp Theory, Mechanics and other engineering related skills. She was required to go through a Starfleet Engineering academy. She has fifteen years of engineering expertise. However, after several years on the Defiant, she grew an interest in command so she requested a transfer to operations. After her training for operations, she received a spot on the bridge of the USS Enterprise E where she was part of this branch for another fifteen years as an second XO and Chief of Operations.


-2353: Enters Starfleet Academy in San Francisco.
-2357-63: Graduates and is assigned to the USS Victory, NCC-9754 as a Systems Engineer with the rank of ensign. She operated transporters.
-2363-70: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 D as a Lieutenant Junior Grade. Her position was Engineer’s Assistant or Mate.
-2371-75: USS Defiant, NX-74205 as a Lieutenant assigned to DS9. Her position was engineer. The ship was a turning point for her as she slowly grew an interest for command.
-2375-79: USS Defiant, NX-74205 (formally USS Sao Paulo, NCC-75633) as a Lieutenant. She was an operations officer onboard for three years training in the operations section of the bridge.
-2379-88: USS Enterprise NCC-1701 E as a Lieutenant Commander. Her position was mainly on the bridge as an Operations officer.

Medical History:

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