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Author Topic: Etana Hiroto  (Read 242 times)

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Etana Hiroto
« on: October 29, 2016, 11:09:20 PM »
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Played By: SymonDrayson.
Character Type: Secondary Character.

Name: Etana Hiroto
Position: Tactical/Security & Flight Control Officer

Rank: - Lieutenant

Assigned Quarters: Deck 4
Duty Shif: Beta Primary, Gamma Secondary

Character Information

Gender: Male
Species: Bajoran, Adarak, Kendra Province
Age: 36 years

Physical Appearance

Height:         6'0"
Weight:        175 lbs.
Hair Color:    Brown
Eye Color:    Hazel

Physical Description:

Hiroto has the appearance of a lanky individual but in actuality has a slightly athletic build. He has the prominent nose ridges of a Bajoran and it is apparent that his nose has been broken at some point. His short tousled blonde-brown hair is alway well kept. His relaxed, friendly expression is occasionally accentuated by a mischievous smile. His alert hazel eyes seem to reflect a deep sadness. He has smooth, fair skin and is always closely shaved. His uniforms are always pressed and his boots are always polished. He chooses not wear the typical Bajoran earring.

Distinguishing Marks

• Hiroto has a Cardassian glyph on his right neck from being interred in the Cardassian-run Batal Labor Camp. In Cardassian, the glyph translates as, "Undesirable" with the Cardassian written numbers: 12-354-68.
• Scar on the jawline.
• Scar above the right eye.
• Evidence of a broken nose.


Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Deceased
Mother: Deceased
Brother(s: )Deceased
Sister(s): Shry Etana

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

It often seems as if he takes nothing seriously but when the chips are down, he is strictly business. He has a sarcastic nature but he is not one to joke lightly about serious matters. He does not believe in mysticism and does not have a connection to the Prophets. He is highly intolerant of Cardassians in general. He is self-assured and proud. He is prone to flashes of anger or irritation, a side effect of his PTSD.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Passionate
+ Self-assured
+ Battle Tested
+ Believes in justice.

- Can be brash, stubborn, short-tempered and undisciplined.
- Strong dislike/intolerance for Cardassians
- Suffers from PTSD and Survivor's Guilt.
- He sometimes has difficulty letting a wrong go, be it real or perceived. Vengeful

Ambitions: To hopefully make Lieutenant Commander rank one day.

Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies: Spring ball, running, Anbo-Jitsu, Combat related holo-simulations.

Biographical Data

Personal History

Hiroto was born in the town of Adarak in the Kendra Province on Bajor in late fall 2351 and was the middle of three children with his older brother Dohl and younger sister Shry. His parents, Jorah and Pyma were owners of a kava farm and vineyard and expected that he and his brother and sister would take over the farm someday.

Early life for him was hard and he split his time between classes and helping on the farm. From an early age, almost from his first memories, he despised all things Cardassian. Living under Cardassian rule was far from enjoyable, but he and his siblings found fun where they could. At the age of 14, he and his family became part of the millions of Bajorans interred by the Cardassians in labor camps. One evening a company of Cardassian soldiers came for the purpose of 'conscripting' the residents of Adarak and it's outlying farmsteads. Those who resisted were summarily executed and many of the women and young girls, to include his mother, were raped. Hiroto wanted to protect his mother and try to fight off the Cardassians but his father, a firm believer in non-violence, held the boy back. From that day forward, Hiroto lost all respect for the man.

His existence, it couldn't really be called a life, in the labor camp was harsh and violent. The Bajoran slave laborers would have to work long days while enduring the abuse of their Cardassian taskmasters. Executions for crimes as small as hoarding food were not unheard of. Daily 'recreational' beatings, with wagers being placed on how long it would take the victim to pass out were a common distraction for the guards. Hiroto suffered through many of these beatings and wears the scars as a reminder. His father was the first of his family to die at the hands of the guards in 2364, having been chosen randomly for execution along with thirty others in response to an attack on a guard. In late 2365 his Mother and Brother died from an illness coupled with malnutrition.

In 2366, Hiroto and his sister were part of work detail clearing some forest land which would be used to expand the camp proper. As the detail was ending for the day there was an attack by the Resistance. In the confusion, Hiroto, his sister and several of the other Bajorans managed to escape and were taken back to the Resistance camp. Hiroto and his sister were given food and medical treatment along with the other freed prisoners. When he had regained his strength, Hiroto convinced the resistance leader to allow him to take arms and fight with the resistance. At the age of 15, he killed his first Cardassian with a hand phaser, suffering a stab wound in the process. From that point until the end of the occupation three years later, killing Cardassians was his driving goal. He rarely discusses his experiences in the resistance and he regrets few of the things that he did.

After the occupation Hiroto briefly served with the newly formed Bajoran Militia, then, hearing about a program which would allow Bajorans to attend Starfleet Academy he transmitted his application. In 2370 at the age of 19, he arrived at the Academy and took classes specializing in Starship systems and Security procedures. Academically he was an average student, however, his unruly and at times combative nature often landed him in front of the disciplinary board. Luckily, none of his offenses were ever serious enough to result in suspension. Throughout his Academy years, Hiroto had a hard time fitting in with the other cadets. The reason wasn't that they weren't accepting of him, the problem was that he saw them as pampered and sheltered. He had seen more adversity and horror by the time he was 8 than most of these kids could even imagine.

Service Record

After graduation in 2374, he was assigned to the U.S.S. Galaxy and split his duties between Operations and Security. He saw action during the Dominion War at the First Battle of Chintoka and the Battle of Cardassia. During this time he also earned a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

In 2377 he was assigned to the U.S.S. Bellerophon (NCC-74705) serving as an Operations Officer. During a six-year tour, he was able to earn promotion to Lieutenant and served as the Assistant Chief of Operations.

In 2383 he was assigned to Deep Space Nine and served in the Operations Department as an Assistant Department Head. In 2385, after a serious altercation with a Cardassian, in which the Cardassian almost died, Hiroto faced a disciplinary hearing before the station commander. Due to the seriousness of the offense and taking into account his overall record the hearing resulted in his reduction in rank to Ensign, a formal reprimand, and transfer to the Security Department where he was detailed to the brig. In 2387 Hiroto was assigned to the security detail for a visiting Bajoran Minister. During an assassination attempt by a member of a dissident group Hiroto shielded the Minister with his own body and was seriously wounded in the process, an action which earned him a commendation.

In early 2388 he requested a transfer to the U.S.S. Hawk, which was approved. He served as a Flight Officer.

After the Hawk returned to Starbase Unity Etana was transferred to the U.S.S. Valhalla and assigned to the Operations Department.

Disciplinary File

2371 - Breach of Academy rules, violating curfew resulting in restriction and extra duty.

2372 - Physical altercation with another Cadet resulting in a Disciplinary Review Board. Reprimand and restriction.

2374 - Failure to comply with orders of a superior (ranking cadet) resulting in a reprimand and Extended Military Instruction.

2379 - Physical altercation with a fellow crew member. 14-day restriction to quarters and extra duty.

2385 - Physical altercation with civilian Cardassian resulting in serious bodily harm. Captains Mast resulting in a reduction in rank to Ensign, formal reprimand, 21 days confined to the brig.

Medical File:

- Suffers from PTSD due to his time in the labor camp and spent with the Bajoran resistance.
- Had Tarth Pox as a small child.
- Several scars and broken bones received from abuse in the labor camp or received in combat.
- Small scars on jawline and above right eye from beatings endured in the labor camp.
-- Broken left arm suffered during a severe beating.
-- Suffered a broken finger on his right hand as a form of punishment.
-- Several long scars on back resulting from disciplinary beatings / whippings.
-- Scar from a stab wound received during hand to hand combat with a Cardassian soldier (Right side just below ribs)
-- Burn scar from a Cardassian Disrupter Pistol (Upper chest and right Shoulder)
-- Burn Scar from a Type II hand phaser (Lower right back and side)

Awards / Commendations

Combat Action Ribbon w/ cluster - First Battle of Chintoka and Battle of Cardassia
Dominion Campaign Service Ribbon
Starfleet Commendation Medal awarded 2387
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