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Author Topic: Scot Harvath  (Read 290 times)

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Scot Harvath
« on: October 29, 2016, 08:47:42 PM »

Played By: SymonDrayson.
Character Type: Main Character.

Name: Scot Harvath
Position: Commanding Officer

Rank:     Captain

Starfleet Service Number:  SH-200422926-P
Command Access Authorization Code:   Harvath-Alpha-1

Assigned Quarters: Deck 2.
Duty Shift: Varies. Alpha and Beta shifts are primary.

Character Information

Gender: Male
Species: Human, New France Colony
Age: 35 years

Physical Appearance

Height:         6'2
Weight:        195 lbs.
Hair Color:    Red
Eye Color:    Blue-Green

Physical Description:

Scot is a fairly tall human male and is often described as having a runner's physique. He has a gentle face accentuated by a neat and very closely trimmed beard. His deep-set, blue-green eyes seem to reflect kindness and his red, military-style hair has already started to turn gray in places.


Spouse: None
Children: None
Father: Unknown
Mother: Deceased
Brother(s: )None
Sister(s): None
Other Family: Albrecht Lorenz (adoptive father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview:

Scot generally prefers to keep his own company and initially keeps most people at a distance. He has always tended to be a quiet, private individual who is uncomfortable in social situations, choosing to observe from the ‘sidelines’. At times this makes him seem to be aloof or snobbish, or more often than not, it just makes people uneasy. His trust and friendship are things which he gives out sparingly but once they are given he is fiercely protective and loyal to those close to him. When betrayed, however, or made to look like a fool, he rarely extends the hand of friendship again.

In most situations he tends to be more practical than intellectual, attempting to find the most direct solution to any problem. He believes a person should make all decisions in a cool, analytical fashion. Choices should not be made rashly and one should never over-complicate a situation with emotion. In his mind emotions only serve to confuse things, making a situation more difficult and often leading to very bad choices or ill-considered actions. Because of this, he strives to keep his feelings in check, and this often makes him appear to be lacking in empathy. Even though he is not an overly emotional person, Scot can be a man of deep compassion and understanding. He has an even temperament and is not quick to anger. Even though he doesn't delve into a situation with a great deal of intellectual thought or debate he is far from a stupid person. On occasion, he likes to surprise acquaintances and strangers alike by showing off his knowledge of a wide range of topics. Because of his generally neutral expression, people tend to consider him humorless, or too serious, but he does have a good sarcastic, dry sense of humor and a quick wit.

Scot seldom engages in idle chatter or small talk, but when he does speak it is because he has something important or relevant to share and he speaks in a clear manner, choosing his words carefully. He always says what he means and means what he says. He does not equivocate or beat around the bush.

He tends to take on whatever assignment he is given with a level of dedication and purpose which can border on single-mindedness. He is meticulous and prefers to complete each task before moving on. He can be overly critical of himself and always feels that he could have done a task better, regardless of how successful the endeavor is. He is completely dedicated to Star Fleet, to his ship and its crew. If there is one part of life in Star Fleet that he sometimes finds himself at odds with it is the many rules and regulations that see things in only black and white. He learned growing up that there are no absolutes and that life can and often does exist in various shades of gray. He understands and believes is order and has sworn to live by Star Fleet’s rules, but he also believes that sometimes a rule followed strictly to the letter can do more harm than good.

He prefers a non-violent approach but is not opposed to the judicious use of force when it is called for.

Strengths & Weaknesses

+ Dutiful
+ Analytical and meticulous
+ Adaptable
+ Emotional Detachment

- Can be single-minded (almost obsessive)
- Seemingly lacking in empathy (emotional detachment)
- Overly critical of himself
- Introverted


Scot hopes to have a long and successful career in Star Fleet, hopefully moving up the ladder to a senior command position one day. His immediate goal is the completion of command school.

Hobbies & Interests


Poker (Texas Hold Em)
Ice Hockey
Espionage themed Holonovels
Growing Bonsai Trees
Tai Chi


Vulcan philosophy and teachings
Eastern Philosophies (Buddhist and Taoist teachings)

Biographical Data

Personal History

Scot Harvath was born on March 10th, 2353 on the New France Colony to Rebecca Harvath. His father was not around and all that he knows about the man is that he served as Second Officer aboard a freighter that visited the colony from time to time. His mother never told him anything else about his father, and he never asked. The fact that the man was not around was all he needed to know. Scot's mother did her best to provide for him, working as an assistant in the colony hospital. Due to her long hours and irregular work schedule, the time she was able to spend with him was limited, which was something he never faulted her for. The blame, in his mind, lay squarely upon the shoulders of his absent father. As he grew up, Scot was left to his own devices for the most part. In school, he was a good student and spent his free time alone, either buried in books or listening to the tales of adventure told by traders, Star Fleet personnel or other off-world visitors. Hours would be spent listening with fascination to the stories of harrowing space battles, descriptions of far off worlds and strange, exotic races. These stories fueled his dreams of traveling through the stars and taking part in adventures much like the ones he had heard.

His mother suddenly died in 2367, when he was fourteen years old, leaving Scot devastated and angry. Even though some of the other colonists who had been friends of his mother tried to care for and look after the boy, he shied away from them and often ran away. He simply felt abandoned. He spent days, sometimes weeks wandering the streets and alleys alone with his grief and anger. Often resorting to petty crime in order to survive, he also had to fight at times in order to protect what was his. This time spent living on the streets provided what Symon would later refer to as his ‘practical education’, honing his survival skills, providing an education in street smarts and teaching him to be self-reliant and how to think on his feet.

At the age of 16, his fortunes changed for the better. One day when he was on the losing end of a fight with an older boy, a Starfleet officer intervened. The man, Lieutenant Albrecht Lorenz, took Scot back to his family's home where he learned that the young boy had no family to speak of. Surprisingly, despite Symon's unruly and defiant behavior, Lieutenant Lorenz saw something in the boy and offered to take him back to the station and give him a place to live. With a little thought, Scot gladly accepted the offer.

With the move to DS9 life improved greatly for Scot, as did his overall attitude. Lieutenant Lorenz was able to give him stability and guidance, things that had been in short supply over the past few years and Scot quickly grew to admire and respect Lieutenant Lorenz, one of the stations Operations Officers. He would often accompany Lieutenant Lorenz during his duty shift, learning about the various station systems and what the job of an Operations Officer entailed.

At the age of 17, Scot transmitted his application to attend Star Fleet Academy, an act which made his ‘adopted’ father very happy. Unfortunately, he did not score high enough to be accepted but he did score high enough to be afforded the chance to re-submit his application the following year. Over the next year, he studied harder and undertook a rigorous physical training regimen. At age 18, he reapplied to the Academy and this time he was accepted.

Scot entered Star Fleet Academy during the fall semester in 2371 and initially had a hard time adjusting to life at the Academy. His self-reliant and unruly nature was at odds with the structured life and the Academy's emphasis on teamwork. When classes started Scot registered for the Tactical/Security curriculum, but by the end of his first year, he decided that it was not for him and switched his focus to starship systems and operations. During his second year, he was introduced to the sport of fencing by his roommate and quickly fell in love with it. He eventually tried out for and earned a spot on, the academy fencing team, the "Musketeers". In 2373 he helped to guide the team to a silver medal finish during the All-College Fencing Championship. It was also during his academy years that he became interested in Buddhist, Taoist and Vulcan teachings and meditation techniques. He saw these as a way to help him to improve on and reinforce his self-discipline.

Throughout his academic career, hard work and obsessive tendencies ensured that his grades were always well above average, but this single-mindedness coupled with his introverted nature severely limited his social life. He had a few relationships with some of the female cadets but none of these were ever more than superficial 'distractions'. He graduated the Academy in 2375, and though he did not graduate with honors, he did manage to graduate in the top 10% of his class.

After the Academy, Scot was pleased when he was assigned as a junior operations officer aboard the U.S.S. Bellerophon. At first, he felt a little overwhelmed, but he soon focused on his new duties with vigor and settled into the routines aboard the ship. In the six years that he served aboard the Bellerophon, he distinguished himself and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. When he heard of openings in the operations department aboard the U.S.S. Hawk, an Argonaut-class Light Cruiser assigned to the Gamma Quadrant, he quickly submitted a request for a transfer. In the seven years that he served aboard the Hawk he held positions as Assistant Chief Operations Officer and then Chief Operations Officer before finally becoming the ships Executive Officer in 2388. Later that year, during a mission the ships Captain was severely injured and unable to command. Scot assumed command and as acting Captain got a heavily damaged Hawk back to Starbase Unity. With the Hawk out of action indefinitely and due to a lack of loyal Captains, Scot was given command of the U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000).

Service Record

2371 - 2375: Starfleet Academy, Operations and Security Curriculums.

2375 - 2381: U.S.S. Bellerophon (NCC-74705), Operations Officer.

2381 - 2388: U.S.S. Hawk (NCC-80558), Chief Operations Officer, Executive Officer, Acting Commanding Officer.

2388 - Present: U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000), Commanding Officer.

Awards / Commendations

- Command Academy Graduate
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