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Title: U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000) Deck 8 Corridors
Post by: SymonDrayson on March 02, 2017, 07:21:10 PM
For posts in the deck 8 corridors.
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Post by: SymonDrayson on May 31, 2017, 08:13:14 PM
Staff Sergeant Domingo de la Rosa knelt down cautiously peered around the corner and down the corridor towards the main entrance to the engineering section. Four crewmembers or mutineers, which he didn't know, were standing guard while another two appeared to be attempting to override the door controls. It was apparent that a firefight had taken place here as there were at least five bodies littering the corridor as well as a few wounded. The two squads he was commanding had already lost three Marines wounded and one killed because the situation was confusing and there was no way to tell who was who, until someone opened fire on you. Domingo had been manning the watch office on the Marine deck when the first explosions rocked the ship. When the red alert sounded he had made his way to the Company Ready Area where he had detailed the first couple of squads which had reported in to secure the Marine deck itself. He had then contacted the Marine CIC, and began detailing the other platoons to securing other sensitive areas of the ship. He had then been detailed to take two squads of the First Platoon and secure main engineering.

Turning to face the six marines behind him he tapped his weapon to indicate hostiles and then held up three fingers with the thumb and folded over the pinky to indicate six. He then pointed to three of the marines and indicated that he wanted them to stack behind him. He then indicated the stun setting on his own weapon and the Marines adjusted the setting on their own weapons accordingly. Since he wasn't sure that these crewmembers were loyal or not, he figured that his first concern was securing engineering, they could sort the rest out when the targets woke up from their nap. Domingo then stood and held out three fingers and counted down. Three. Two. One.

Stepping around the corner Domingo raised his phaser rifle and aimed at the closest target crewmember. As he did so one of the other targets had already raised his phaser and fired, striking one of the trailing marines. 'Nice reaction time.' Domingo thought as he pulled the trigger, hitting his intended target who slumped over and fell to the ground. He then shifted his aim to the crewman who had fired and fired twice, knocking the man to the deck. The other two marines made quick work of the remaining armed targets. The two who had been working on the door controls looked towards their weapons and seeing the oncoming marines, laid flat on the deck instead. As three of the Marines went about securing the prisoners, Domingo looked back down the corridor to where a private was looking over the marine who had been hit. After a few moments, the private looked up and shook his head. Domingo sighed and muttered to himself, "Damn."

Another private approached Domingo, holding out a PADD. "Found it on one of the prisoners."

Domingo took the PADD which displayed what appeared to be a timetable and a list of target. 'At least that verifies they were hostiles.' He then tapped his com badge, "Staff Sergeant de la Rosa to CIC. Engineering entrance, deck eight secured. Hostiles encountered and neutralized. One friendly casualty. The engineering compartment appears to be secured from inside." After closing the channel he simply said, "Keep your eyes open."
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After what was a silent and brief ride the turbolift came to a stop on Deck 8, a short distance from the entrance to the security section. Etana and Kh'eldor stepped out into the corridor and slowly walked in silence down the empty corridor, nodding to a pair of security officers who in turn nodded back and then entered the now empty trubolift.
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After a few steps Etana slowed his pace and looked around noting that the corridor was empty. After a couple of more steps he stopped and looked at Kh'eldor. "I am Lieutenant Hiroto. Lieutenant Murtaugh asked that I escort you to the interrogation area and provide whatever you need." he said as he looked up and down the corridor. Etana had a good idea what was going to happen in the interrogation and he also knew why he had been detailed to assist the Klingon. During the occupation of Bajor, as a worker in the labor camps, he had been tortured by Cardassian soldiers on many occasions, usually for no real reason. Later, as a member of the resistance he had in turn tortured prisoners for needed information.

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"Thank you. Once we get to where we are going, the only thing I ask is to not be disturbed." after pausing momentarily and looking down the hall, Kheldor smiled and continued, "Klingon interrogations can tend to be more physical than Starfleet regulations permit. I assume you will be outside the door."
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Etana looked at Kheldor with a neutral expression on his face. "I will be in the room with you Commander, unless you order me to do otherwise. As far as your being undisturbed, I can pretty much guarantee you of that." he said as he turned and took a couple more steps down the corridor before stopping again. Turning back towards Kheldor he looked at the Klingon once again, still with a neutral expression. "I have no qualms about what you will do. I learned the art of interrogation first hand from the Cardassian occupiers of my world. I have been both victim of interrogations as well as the interrogator." he said with an icy tone to his voice as he gestured towards the Cardassian glyph tattooed on his neck.
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>>From Bridge>>

 "Yes unfortunately I have." Though the interrogation methods she had used on her own people weren't something she felt her new companions would be overly comfortable with. The situation Roxanne found herself in back on her homeworld was one of all out war, kill or be killed. It was as simple as that and interrogation, wasn't a device they all too often fell back on, knowing the creature who at times barely resembled a human being would as easily kill her as to answer the questions thrown at them, no matter how cruel the methods used were. She left it simply by saying. "It was quite a long time ago, too long to matter."

 They exited the turbo lift together, Roxy paused before moving. Just prior to leaving they had been handed the suits they needed to wear. "We should put these on now I think, we have no way of knowing just how far this contagion may reach." Or for that matter if it were possible it could have even entered into the ships environmental systems either. 

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"Just remember, Major, they are still protected by Federation law, which means we cannot cause physical harm to them. They may very well know that and try to push you into attacking them in order to leverage the situation in their favor within legal terms. Just be careful about how we go about this." Erin cautioned as she suited up. The EV Combat Suit reminded her of her Zero-G training, and while she managed to keep her lunch down, others did not.

"I'll be on hand to collaborate what they say against what the data we recovered says. That way we don't get anyone who is trying to sow disinformation or trying to get out of trouble with some lies." Erin said.
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"Good news with these things is we won't be outside, so you don't have to hear someone's lunch sloshing around." Walker commented with a grin as he pulled on his suit.

"I'm probably just better set keeping an eye on the prisoners, unless you have the ones I caught in the act of killing our...former...CO. They might need some encouragement and my being in the room could loosen their tongues." Walker explained.
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<<To Holding Cells>>

 Having good experienced crew around her, Roxy was more than grateful. She knew at some point along the way she was bound to make a mistake, whether it be a breach of Federation Laws (quite possibly updated a hundred times since those used on her world were created over 200 years ago) or even a blunder on a cultural level. She accepted the fact it was going to happen, although with caution she could avoid it altogether.

 The white suit and helmet were familiar, very similar to the suits she had worn as a hovercopter pilot, too similar in fact to be coincidental, given the fact that the technology her people used was either from the Niaid or Earth's from so far back it wasn't worth remembering. But given that essentially they were still the same people, developing minds had a habit of mimicking one another even when separated by light years. She finished doing it up, fitted on the helmet, then checked the coms. It was working. "I will observe Commander your protocols, for I am still how do you say? Learning the ropes and quite possibly the last thing we need is for me to make such a mistake as to start an incident. I am not sure how the Captain would explain it, having someone who is virtually an alien leading a team aboard the ship." She looked over at Storr, he was the security officer so this was in his field of work.

 "Let me follow what you three do. Having Walker there as an intimidatory element with me at his side could work wonders on their psyche, if they even know an inkling of who I am, which since my capture I am certain they do, we may well have the upper hand. This might go easier than we expect."

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Storr was uncomfortable in the white environmental suit, and thought maybe it was more of a precaution than was necessary, but then the possibility of contracting whatever sickness had spread through some of the prisoners was more than enough incentive to deal with it. He followed the others down the corridor until they arrived at the mess hall which had been designated as a temporary holding area for the lower ranking mutineers and Consortium operatives, "Major I would recommend that we focus initially on the individuals who are offering up information freely. Perhaps making it clear to the others that we are willing to offer leniency to those who cooperate. With the exception of the hardcore Consortium operatives, many of these individuals had peripheral roles or were out and out deceived by their superior officers. At any rate, if we play it too hard it will likely discourage any others who might be willing to cooperate." as he paused he looked over Roxanne and Corwin before saying, "Of course the intimidation factor can't hurt either."

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 That was more than good enough for her, time to take down the shades. An old saying from one of her former commanders, god rest his soul; Roxy was thinking back to another time, a time when the difference between her military faction and the workers of her world wasn't so evidently defined. There were infiltrators back then, some who did rather well on both sides; that was of course until around fifty years ago when something ghastly happened to those who became the enemy...the memory faded quickly then, to horrid to recall or reflect upon.

 "We can play it by ear, I think that is the correct saying no?" She wasn't sure, though it sounded familiar to her own ears so to speak. "They will display weaknesses in their stories, that is a given. Some will play the innocent, some of course will be; others will show outright hostility, those we can remove immediately." She took one last deep breath, this was different to combat where she relied on her senses, now she had to rely on her wits and intelligence. "Move out."
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Storr took a deep breath and then stepped towards the door leading to the mess hall. He motioned one of the security guards aside and then entered his personal code on the panel next to the door. When the force field lowered he looked at the others and then entered the mess hall.

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<<To Deck 8 Mess hall>> (http://startrek.lostworldssff.com/index.php?topic=2639.msg54330#msg54330)
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 The prisoners were duly interrogated and while not all the answers they needed were immediately forthcoming, in the end Roxanne and her team were able to glean as much information as they needed to satisfy the Captain. She was about to call him when he himself called her.


"Bridge to Major Dane. Major prepare a team of four marines to escort a landing party into a potential hostile area during search and rescue operations. Also place your Marines on alert and deploy them throughout the ship according to standard protocol." When he was done speaking Scot reached up and closed the channel.

 Replying promptly, she gave him a quick run down of what was achieved. "Dane here Captain. We have completed our interrogation of the prisoners and as expected some of them we not quick to give the required information we needed. In the end though we did prevail. I will be there shortly with my best team, the rest of the marines will be deployed as you request. Dane out."
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"Harvath to Major Dane. Major have your team report directly to the transporter room. We will be transporting the landing party as soon as we arrive. Securing the station and any survivors is your primary concern. Once you've done that we will make a more thorough survey of the situation. Use of deadly force is authorized only if you are attacked."

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