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Deck 5 / Re: U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000) Medical Suite "Sick Bay"
« Last post by Aldus_O.Flynn on February 04, 2018, 06:34:28 PM »
Craning his old head sideways to better see his protege' Aldus remarked to himself just how quick a study she was, which meant in the long term there was someone to take over eventually when his time was reaching its use by date. In the short term it meant he no longer had to take all the weight himself, at his age he was needing more and more help on a monthly basis now. Sooner or later he knew that there were certain parts of his memory that were going to fail, he knew that because his own father suffered from alzheimer's when he was not much older than Paddy, a condition that even in this age if not found early was more than debilitating. "Good call lass, we'll do exactly that. Though I won't be holding my breath on the contagious aspect, as we both know from basic med school any bacteria with natural or manufactured can manifest in a variety of ways if its in the right environment. Send a message to security to make the request. I'm going to study this file a little more in depth." He paused briefly. "Oh and by the way Rebecca, you didn't see that file did you?" His wink was as always rather mischievous.
Accepted Characters / MOVED: Erin M. Parker
« Last post by SymonDrayson on February 02, 2018, 08:25:10 PM »
Accepted Characters / MOVED: Walker Corwin
« Last post by SymonDrayson on February 02, 2018, 08:24:34 PM »
Deck 1 / Re: U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000) Main Bridge
« Last post by Isla on February 02, 2018, 09:00:27 AM »
Isla quickly turned toward Kala.  "Shoot," she mumbled under her breath, spinning back to her screens.  The young woman was right.  But what was out there?  She blew out a breath. "Hopefully it's not another trap.  I hate thinking that way but we barely survived the last one."  It wasn't that she didn't want to help she was just a bit leery now.  Something that she didn't like at all.
Starfleet Communications Network / Re: Star date February 1st 2018~Roll Call
« Last post by Cipherhornet18 on February 01, 2018, 11:24:00 PM »
I'm going to need to stand down for a while. I've got a fair bit I'm trying to do and this keeps ending up taking a backseat, which is unfair. I'll try to come back later.
Deck 8 / Re: USS Valhalla (NCC 18000) Mess Hall
« Last post by Storr Garlake on February 01, 2018, 10:30:30 PM »
Storr led the way into the mess hall where the prisoners were temporarily being held. As he and the others entered he noted that they were getting concerned looks from everyone, which was a good thing. The confusion would only serve to keep the subjects off balance during the interrogations. As he walked around the room Storr scanned for the individuals who had sent word that they had information to trade. When he eventually spotted one seated at a table alone motioned to Roxanne and their escort to follow. Storr knew from the mans personnel file that he was a crewman, named Thomlison, who had been assigned to the engineering department. Thomlison had been found attempting to disable the ships internal sensors and other security systems. According to the report he had surrendered without a fight when the Marines confronted him and had said little since being detained. When he reached the table Storr stopped and stood looking down at Thomlison for a few moments before he made a show of looking at something on his PADD and then said, loud enough to be heard by the other nearby prisoners, "Crewman Thomlison. I am Lieutenant Garlake and this is Major Dane." he stated in a business like manner as he motioned to Roxanne. "We have some questions for you. You have been less than cooperative up to this point. Commander Parker and Captain Corwin over there are here to assist us, should their expertise become necessary." He paused and let the veiled threat hang in the air for several moments while looking menacingly around at the other prisoners who were milling around nearby until they eventually moved away. He wanted to make sure that no one else would overhear whatever information Thomlison had to share. When he was sure that his performance was having the desired effect, Storr grabbed a nearby chair and pulled it over, then sat down heavily and leaned very close to Thomlison, until the two were almost nose to nose. He sat staring down the crewman for a minute and then said in the same belligerent and louder than necessary tone, "We can do this the easy way," then after looking over his shoulder towards Erin and Walker he finished, "or the hard way." After another pause for effect he leaned back and stared at Thomlison then winked slightly. "Up to you. Either way I am going to leave here with some answers."

@Walker Corwin @Roxanne Dane @Erin Parker
Deck 8 / USS Valhalla (NCC 18000) Mess Hall
« Last post by SymonDrayson on February 01, 2018, 10:29:47 PM »
The ships main communal dining area. There are other smaller versions of the ships mess located on other decks, however the large mess on Decks 4 and 8 are the main communal dining areas on board the Valhalla.

Additional Information

Location: Decks 4 and 8


Usually host to meals and socialization, the Mess Hall is one of the largest and most popular spaces aboard the ship. It is host to an open kitchen that operates from 0700-1830 hours, whose civilian cooking staff offers a menu of varying day-to-day specials. If the menu doesn't suit your taste buds, there's nothing to fear - the replicators work 24/7.

The Mess Hall is a versatile space that can easily be converted into an extra space during crises. A triage center, an expanded sickbay, temporary housing for refugees, extra storage, or a command post are just a few of the Mess Hall's auxiliary functions. It is also used for more relaxed functions, such as a space for crew performances, ceremonies, receptions, and lectures.
Deck 8 / Re: U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000) Deck 8 Corridors
« Last post by Storr Garlake on February 01, 2018, 10:23:13 PM »
Storr took a deep breath and then stepped towards the door leading to the mess hall. He motioned one of the security guards aside and then entered his personal code on the panel next to the door. When the force field lowered he looked at the others and then entered the mess hall.

@Roxanne Dane @Walker Corwin @Erin Parker

<<To Deck 8 Mess hall>>
Starfleet Communications Network / Re: Star date February 1st 2018~Roll Call
« Last post by Troy on February 01, 2018, 06:16:54 PM »
"Long live the Captain, Long live the Empi..."

Wait, this is the prime universe.

If you still need a miracle worker, I'm here.
Deck 5 / Re: U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000) Medical Suite "Sick Bay"
« Last post by SymonDrayson on February 01, 2018, 05:48:12 PM »

Rebecca stood and walked over the terminal the Doctor had been studying. When she looked at the screen she paused momentarily when she saw that the file was classified. She started to say something but then stopped herself. The Doctor wouldn't have asked her to look if it wasn't okay is what she told herself. Bending over slightly she read the file, gasping a couple of times, then blushing slightly when she realized what she had done. When she was done reading she stepped back slightly and thought about what she had read. "That is terrible. But at least it isn't contagious." she stopped as she continued to think, "Should we try and find any of the Consortium individuals that came aboard from the freighter that were in contact with this Omega particle and observe them? Maybe the victims we have were the only ones affected." The last part she said as if she were wishing it to be true.

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