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Author Topic: Posting Policies *****UPDATED*****  (Read 154 times)

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Posting Policies *****UPDATED*****
« on: November 21, 2017, 05:53:22 PM »
Darkness Rising and the USS Valhalla depend on ALL of our its writers and crew to post regularly in order to assist the command staff with moving missions along and in planning for future missions. Though you may be just one writer, you are also a part of this community and your character is a member of the crew. The community may be composed of several writers, but each writer is a cog in our machine.

Denotes updated policy


  • Please write your posts in third person, limited omniscient and past tense. For example:
Mark walked down the corridor and turned into sickbay. While he walked, he thought about the recent mission and the problems it would cause with the new strain of grubs he was testing. If he was successful, they would be a viable source of protein for the colonists.

Post Frequency

Following are the minimum posting requirements for Darkness Rising. If at any time you cannot meet these requirements please contact an Administrator to make arrangements. Players are expected to be proactive in posting both individually and as a collaborator in main mission threads.

This serves as your first (and potentially only warning) concerning this policy.

  • When not actively participating in a thread with other players/characters a minimum of one (1) post per week is required. This means if your main character(s) (not NPC characters) are not involved in a thread (meaning they haven't been tagged, (@SymonDrayson), you must post something for your character. A list of possible post ideas can be found HERE. Players who have not posted for two weeks, and who have not notified an Administrator that they will be away will be sent a reminder that they need to post. This will serve as their second warning. Players who fail to post for three consecutive weeks without notifying an Administrator will have their characters moved to the inactive character list.
  • If your character(s) (Main, Secondary or NPC) are involved in a thread, meaning tagged by another player, (@SymonDrayson) with other players (for instance as part of an away mission, attending a briefing, etc.) you WILL promptly, meaning within three days at the longest. If for some reason you will not be able to meet this requirement make arrangements with the other players participating in the thread to make some sort of arrangements. If you have not made arrangements and do not reply to tags in a timely manner, you will receive ONE reminder message. If you still have not taken any action you will receive a second and final warning, (remember these policies are your first warning).
  • All new players are placed into a 12 week probationary period in order to insure that they are able to meet the posting requirements

Post Length (Originally by RogueRanger)

When posting IC (in character) we require a minimum posting standard of both action and speech where possible and which adds to the overall thread and helps to move it forward. We do realize that at times that might prove challenging, and we shall let it pass now and then. For the most part in play, we expect no less than three lines ie: One decent paragraph at a minimum.

Example without speech:

With as small a profile as possible, and that was quite easy for Robyn to do. She pushed her legs up against the back of the seat in front of her, as she had done many times before, taking it all in. She did make some notes on a small pad she carried with her, just things to remember for later on.

With Speech

Jordan stood rock still until Chalmers had left and of course, the woman had given her a menial task to do, that any Joe could handle, even more so the Base Clerk. She shrugged and was about to leave when the Brit approached her. "Major....Rivers is it?" She was sure of that. "Second lowest level on the base, but you'll have to wait a bit." She was about to say more when she saw McFearson heading her way.

A single line post is NOT acceptable, especially considering some players may spend 30 minutes or more writing a decent post. If you are unsure, ask someone, even if the person you are answering is not online, someone else can help you. Both of the above examples are very small and will be considered the standard which we will expect from all players both old and new.

General Posting Rules

  • Do not rewrite or edit another person's post.
  • Under no circumstances may a player write for another character (and/or their secondary character) without prior approval from the controlling player.
  • Don't perform duties outside of those which would be common for the position your character is assigned to unless asked or otherwise directed to do so. In other words, don't do my job if you're not the captain. Don't do the Doctor's job if you're not a Doctor. Don't do the engineer's job if you're not the engineer.
  • Do not god mode. This means you cannot have your character automatically succeed every time they attempt an action. Nor can your character have the ability to perform every job on the ship better than anyone else. Your character can't be the strongest, smartest, fastest or have abilities outside of canon. As a Betazoid, for instance, your character cannot communicate telepathically with another person across an entire Sector. One character cannot have complete and total knowledge of all departments and the ability to carry out actions which would require a full team of personnel to do. Nor can they have all the answers in any given situation at the instant they are needed, even Data didn't have all the answers all of the time.

Character Control

  • Do not dictate another characters actions in a role play through your writing. In other words no:
James grabbed Scott and shoved him down onto his knees. He then took the glass of rum and put it to Scotts mouth and laughed as he watched Scott gulp the liquid. He then let Scott go and watched as he fell to the floor.

Ships Logs or Captains Logs entries

Ships logs are a tool used by the Commanding Officer to highlight important mission events and to bring a particular portion of a story line to a close. Captains Logs can be considered IC knowledge by all characters unless the log is posted as a personal log.

Personal Logs

Personal Logs are logs made by characters and are similar to diaries or journals. As such, unless otherwise stated by the person writing the log entry, personal logs are to be considered OOC information. These should ideally be posted to the appropriate OOC board.

Time and Location Stamps

When you post, include the location of your character as well as the time and day if you are starting the thread in a new location. Below are some samples:

CO's Ready Room [Deck __]
Main Bridge [Deck __]
Admiral's Office [Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco]

1500 Hours, Day 1
1000 Hours, MD1

Ship/Starbase Designations and when to use 10 or Ten and other abbreviations

Lots of people write ship names as U.S.S. Lexington or USS Lexington. We will write them as USS Lexington, USS Nogura etc. Alternatively, a good way of getting around this, if the wording of your paragraph allows it, you can refer to the ship as the starship Lexington, or the starship Nogura, and simply using the ships name is acceptable as well, "When I served aboard the Defiant" – meaning you don’t have to use USS at all.

A more common problem comes when referring to Starbases and Outposts. I see people write SB375, when if you think about it, you would never hear a character say “when we get to SB375,” they would say “when we get to Starbase Three-Seven-Five.” So, the problem here is to know when to use the abbreviation and when not to. The basic rule is use the abbreviation in prose, but not dialogue. Example:

Commander Azulas had thoroughly enjoyed her time on SB375, but knew her time was coming to an end. The Nogura would be transporting her to the next base on her tour soon. “Thank you, Admiral. Your facility is lovely but I should head back to the Nogura, we’re due to depart for Starbase Seventy-Four in an hour and we have things to prepare."

As always, there are exceptions to the rule and they mainly come with Deep Space Stations, such as DS10. We often heard the crew of Deep Space Nine refer to the station as DS9, which is fine. So, it is reasonable to refer to it as DS9 or DS10 in speech.

There’s also the issue of when to write the number as digit or words. The simple way of knowing this is as follows: When using the abbreviation in prose, use digits, when writing the long form in dialogue, write the word, such as: Starbase Three-Seven-Five or SB375.

The same applies to Task Forces. When writing prose, TF47 is acceptable, but in speech, a character would say “Task Force Forty-Seven,” so the rule applies there also.

When writing prose, there is no reason to write abbreviations for words other than those seen above, or for some pieces of technology. Other words should be written in full wherever possible. The exception of course, is in speech. You would be expected to write the word technology in the main prose of your post, but in speech it is very possible your character might refer to it as “tech”.

Ranks should NEVER be abbreviated. Azulas is not a Cmdr, she is a Commander. Data was not a Lt. Cmdr., he was a Lieutenant Commander. Vice Admiral Ross is exactly that, NOT a VAdm. No one is an Ens, a Lt. JG or an Lt, they are Ensigns, junior Lieutenants or Lieutenants. No one is a CPO, they are Chief Petty Officer’s or “Chief” for short. You get the picture.

Use of Out of Character (OOC) Information

Use of Out of character information is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated.

Out of character information for these purposes is defined as ANY information a player uses when making a post which their character could not reasonably know. Examples include but are not limited to the following:

Player A and Player B write in Topic in which their characters are having a discussion in the Quarters of Player A. Player C later writes dialogue for their character in a different Topic with A and B where their character mentions the private discussion.

The Command staff share information concerning the overall direction of the story to the Announcements Board which is clearly marked as OOC. A player then uses this information to have their character react to things or take pre-emptive actions they couldn't possibly have known about.
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Re: Posting Policies *****UPDATED*****
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2017, 03:17:40 PM »
A welcome post, thank you for that Symon. I think its possibly high time we did similar on our other boards as well.


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