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Title: U.S.S. Valhalla (NCC-18000) Captain's Ready Room
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The Ready Room is where the captain can perform administrative work duties when not on the bridge.

Additional Information

Location: Deck 1 - Adjacent to Bridge


Spacious, yet efficient; the Captains Ready Room offers all the amenities of the captain's living quarters and serves as the preferred place to hold private discussions, receive classified communications, and simply take a break.

The office portion of the room features a large desk with an integrated computer terminal, work area, and three chairs. Behind the desk are a half-height bookshelf and two wall mounted shelves.

The lounge area consists of a large couch, a large table, a pair of bookcases and several shelves as well as a food replicator. This area is where the captain usually prefers to meet with crew members informally, while more formal encounters are reserved for the desk area.

Often various items of a personal nature will be located around the room as well, especially items that were presented to the Captain by visiting VIPs, etc.
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Post by: Scot Harvath on November 21, 2016, 08:47:43 PM
Scot stepped through the door and made his way over to the replicator, "Coffe, black, sweet" he said. When the steaming cup appeared Scot picked it up, took a sip, and then walked over to his desk. After taking another sip he placed the cup on his desk and then sat down. He took a moment and looked around the room, the fact that it was his office still made him feel somewhat uncomfortable, 'Well rank does have its privileges I suppose.' he thought. As he picked up his cup for another drink he tapped the controls of the computer terminal and then scrolled through the different files and messages marked for his attention. Most of it was routine traffic made up of status reports and personnel files of officers transferring aboard the Valhalla. He had already read through most of them and had met the various officers. It was a good group of officers, all very capable, among the best in Task Force Unity. The ship was still lacking a few department heads, though that wasn't really surprising considering the lack of personnel available. Several ships were understrength, the Valhalla, the Beifong, and the Independence were the only ships anywhere close to having a full crew complement, another indicator of just how important the Valhalla's mission was. After browsing through the routine traffic Scot turned his attention to the priority traffic. After entering his security code he sat, sipping on his coffee, and waited for the files to come up. There were only three files waiting to be read, which somewhat surprised Scot. For some reason, he had expected there to be more. One of the files contained the briefing material relevant to the mission. The next file was an intelligence file concerning Roxy Dane which would be sent along with her security escort for delivery to Starfleet Intelligence on Deep Space 9. The last file was simply labeled as urgent with a subject line which simply read, Updated Threat Assessment. Scot placed his cup on the desk and then selected the file. As the file opened Scot saw that it had been sent before he had transported back to the Valhalla.

From: Task Force Unity Command.
To: All Captains and Task Force Command Staff.

Subject: Critical change in Consortium policies towards prisoners.

It has come to the attention of the Task Force Intelligence department that there has been a drastic change in Consortium handling of prisoners. Two days ago Task Force operations lost contact with the U.S.S. Requiem. After a search of her last reported position, the ship's log buoy was located in a debris field, assumed to be that of the Requiem. A review of the logs revealed that the Requiem had been attacked by Consortium vessels, heavily damaged and boarded by Consortium forces. After gaining control of the Requiem, Consortium operatives forced the Requiem's command staff, as well as all crew members that refused to renounce Starfleet and join the Consortium, into escape pods which were launched and then subsequently destroyed. A communication from Captain Julius Grady included with the log buoy made it clear that "any member of 'renegade' ships captured by the loyal Consortium forces, who refused to join with the Consortium would not be given quarter.", his words. This represents a drastic change in Consortium policies which all command level officers must be aware of.

All ship Captains may use their own discretion in regards to sharing this information with their senior staff officers and ship's crews.

::End Transmission::

Scot finished reading the file and sighed as he sat back in his chair. 'What next?' he thought to himself. The good thing was that this information had reached him before the ship got underway. He quickly decided that he would brief the crew. They should at least know exactly what their situation was. After closing the file Scot stood and walked over to the long couch located opposite his desk. He sat down heavily and then laid down, covering his eyes with his arm. As he laid there he thought about nothing other than the fact that his first briefing for the senior staff would be made up of a laundry list of bad news. As he tried to relax Scot ran through all of the things he needed to cover.
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[[45 minutes later]]

Scot opened his eyes and suddenly realized that he had drifted off. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up and then walked slowly over to the replicator. After ordering a strong, Cuban coffee he sat down at his desk. Several minutes later after he had finished the coffee, Scot stood, straightened his uniform top and exited the Ready Room.

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Post by: Scot Harvath on February 08, 2017, 09:34:16 PM
"It has been four hours since our departure from Starbase Unity and the journey so far has been uneventful. Commander Huxley and the engineering department are working to fix the compatibility problem with the sensor masking system, at present, however, this shouldn't hamper the mission. In a little less than an hour we will be rendezvousing with the freighter S.S. Timbuktu, at which point we will transfer our guest, Roxanne Dane to the freighter with a security detail for her journey to Deep Space Nine. It is my hope that the reports updating Starfleet to the situation in the Gamma Quadrant will bring reinforcements to help turn back the Consortium and it's influence." Scot sat back and looked out of the window before speaking again, "End log."

After sitting for a few more minutes, looking out the window, Scot stood and crossed the room and then paused in front of the door leading to the bridge. After straightening his uniform shirt he exited his ready room and stepped onto the bridge.

<<<To Bridge>>>
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Post by: Scot Harvath on August 24, 2017, 12:35:46 AM
Scot entered his ready room after the quick walk across the bridge. He wasted no time and crossed the room and stood in front of the replicator, thinking about what it was he wanted. When he finally made up his mind he said, "Hot Ginseng tea." When his steaming drink materialized he grabbed it and walked over and sat behind his desk. He took several small sips before setting the cup on the desk in front of him. The recent events replayed themselves in his mind and he analyzed everything, searching for the clues or hints that he had missed which might have helped him to avoid what had transpired. He was unaccustomed to second guessing himself or his decisions, but he couldn't help but to think that perhaps he hadn't taken all of the precautions the mission warranted. He had known that there was a real possibility that, at the very least, Consortium sympathizers were among the crew, yet he hadn't screened the crew using the methods prescribed by Task Force Intelligence, mostly because he hadn't agreed with the extreme methods. This was not a mistake he would be making again.

Being lost in his thoughts, Scot didn't register the door chime the first time it chirped. After the second chime he said, "Enter."
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Kh'eldor walked into the room confidently and then strode over to the Captains desk and stood in front of it with the rigid, upright pose of a warrior. After several moments the Captain motioned to one of the seats in front of his desk, indicating that he wanted the Klingon to sit. After a moments hesitation, Kh'eldor did so.

"Captain, thank you for making me welcome aboard your ship. And thank you also for assisting in the capture of the traitor Japek. He has much to answer for." he said as he glanced around the room. He had been aboard two other Starfleet ships and on each of them the Captains ready room was generally cluttered with various mementos and other reveries which served no real purpose. This one was different however. It was spartan in it's decoration, which spoke volumes of this Captain.

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Scot watched as the Klingon looked around the room and took another drink of his tea. After a minute he finally said, "Commander, I would very much like to hear as much about your mission as you are comfortable sharing with me."
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The Klingon sat quietly for several moments while he considered what information he would share with this Federation Captain. "Close to a year ago, our ships in this Quadrant began to have encounters with the group known as the Consortium. Initially these contacts were meaningless as any agents attempting to sow the seeds of mutiny or discontent among our crew were put to death. The High Council directed the High Command to quietly begin to withdraw our ships from the Quadrant, which they did. A few ships that were on patrol deep in the Quadrant didn't receive the orders immediately, so were delayed in their withdrawal. One of these, the HMS K'geroth, a Bird of Prey, commanded by the same Japek who now sits in your brig, went missing two months before the uprising that you refer to as 'The Event'. Word made its way back to the High Council through various channels that Japek and a balance of his crew had killed the Captain of the K'geroth and most of it's senior officers and then disappeared into unexplored space. Under normal circumstances we simply would have sent other ships in pursuit, hunted the traitors and made them pay for their dishonorable actions. However, Japek is son to a very influential member of the High Council who some say will be the next Chancellor. Japek himself was favored within the High Command and was privy to many of its most guarded secrets and battle plans. His defection is highly, inconvenient." Kh'eldor paused to let the Captain think over what he had just said before continuing, "The remaining ships in the Quadrant were ordered to track down the K'geroth and apprehend Japek in order to discover what secrets he had shared and to whom he had given them to. I was ordered by the Chancellor himself to infiltrate the Consortium with the goal of learning more about them as well as attempting to locate the traitor. About a month ago I was approached by a Klingon who I recognized by name as part of the traitorous crew of the K'geroth. He recruited me to the Consortiums cause and I was brought aboard the freighter which had been seized and sent to ambush you. Their goal was the capture of your Marine Commander in the hopes that she would be swayed to their side as well. Secondary to that, Japek was sent with orders, that should the opportunity arise, your ship would be captured and he would take command. They evidently hadn't known about the additional Marine unit aboard your ship. You more or less know the rest. There are other things that I am not at liberty to discuss at this time, of course, I am sorry."
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Post by: Scot Harvath on August 24, 2017, 09:26:51 PM
Scot sat silently after Kh'eldor finished speaking and reflected on what the Klingon had said. "Did you learn anything at all about the Consortium, their goals, bases of operations or anything else that might be of use to us?"
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"Unfortunately I was only with them a short time and wasn't trusted with any specifics." After a pause, Kh'eldor shifted in his seat then continued. "I did hear some discussion about an old Dominion research station that the Consortium has been using as a kind of staging area, at least according to other members of the crew. But I don't know how credible that information is. I am sure Japek has some of the answers you are looking for, just as he doubtless has many secrets he wants to share with me." After another short pause Kh'eldor half smiled, "Of course I am sure he doesn't yet know that he wants to share these secrets. I look forward to convincing him otherwise."
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"Well, Commander. As I said, I welcome any input or assistance you might be able to provide during this mission. However, you must know that there are certain rules which will be adhered to." Scot stared at Kh'eldor for a minute before standing. "If you don't mind, I wonder if we could continue this a little later. It has been a long couple of days and I must admit, I could use a little rest before deciding what our next course of action will be. Your quarters should be ready for you and you will have access to the non-sensitive areas of the ship, with an escort. I apologize for this and it is not a reflection on you or your trustworthiness, it is simply regulations." With that, Scot walked over to the door and stood close enough for it to whoosh open.
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"Of course Captain. I to could use a little relaxation. I look forward to visiting your recreational facilities. Hopefully you have some passable Blood Wine in your replicators." Kh'eldor said as he stood and walked over to the now open doorway. Pausing before he exited the Ready Room, Kh'eldor looked at the Captain and said, "I am at your disposal." He then stepped through the door.
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After Kh'eldor left, Scot walked back over to his desk and picked up his PADD. He then crossed the room and laid down on the large couch and began reviewing the various reports that were starting to come in.
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Scot sat down at his desk and rubbed his eyes. He had been going over various reports and seeing to other ships details pretty much straight through the night. He had allowed himself a brief nap earlier, but it had seemed as though he had only closed his eyes for a few minutes before he was once again awake. He knew he had slept for at least three hours, but it definitely did not feel like it.

Looking down at the LCARS terminal on his desk he rubbed his eyes again and then pressed a button on the console. "Begin log entry" he said.

Captains Log. Mission day four. Captain Scot Harvath, U.S.S. Valhalla, commanding.

With a near super human effort the engineering department has managed to repair most of the more serious damage to the ship and I have given the order to resume our course for the Sigma Epsilon system.

Most of the wounded among the crew have either returned to duty or have been released to their quarters, however there are still a few more serious cases under the Doctors care in sick bay. Both he and his medical staff performed in an exemplary manor during the mutiny attempt. In addition to the wounded, the ship suffered twenty confirmed KIA amongst the crew and mutineers with the Marine Detachment suffering an additional nine wounded and six KIA, including Marine Captain Torino and 1st Lieutenant Amolyae. Due to her vast experience and actions during the mutiny, at my discretion,
 I have elected to confer the rank of Provisional Major upon Roxanne Dane. I have also given her command of the Marine Detachment. I also named Captain Walker Corwin to the post of Marine Company executive officer.

The number of prisoners taken during the mutiny, between the Consortium agents aboard the ship, and Consortium operatives rescued from the S.S. Timbuktu, has put somewhat of a strain on the ships detention facilities. In many cases we have had to confine two or even three prisoners in a single cell, which is less than ideal, however the option of confining prisoners to empty quarters aboard ship is too much of a security risk. Access to these prisoners is severely restricted and interrogations should begin later today.

Those civilians rescued from the S.S. Timbuktu who have been deemed non-threatening have been given quarters away from critical areas of the ship. Those who have relevant skill sets have been assigned to appropriate departments as attached civilian specialists.

The ship remains at Yellow Alert with a level three security alert. Teams of security and marine personnel patrol every every deck and security teams are also assigned to all critical areas of the ship. Personnel who are on duty are issued with phaser side arms and all senior staff are monitored at all times via internal ships sensor and are also assigned a security escort. The Marines and ships security have been cross training under the supervision of Major Dane, Captain Corwin, Lieutenant Commander LeBlanc and Lieutenant Commander Parker both in preparation for the assult on the Consortium outpost as well as a precaution against another attempted Consortium mutiny aboard the ship.

Scot stopped speaking and sat thinking for a minute before saying, "End log entry."
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Scot tapped his combadge and then said, rather forcefully and in his best Klingon, "Commander Kheldor, this is Captain Harvath, come to my ready room at once!" After speaking he looked down and looked over the various status reports which had been sent on to him for immediate review.

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After a few minutes the door chime rang and Scot looked up from the messages he had been reading. "Enter," he said.


Kheldor stepped into the ready room and paused momentarily before walking stiffly over to where the Captain was seated behind a large desk. As he approached, Scot motioned to a chair in front of the desk and said, "Take a seat Commander." Kheldor hesitated momentarily, but since it was clearly more of an order than a request, he nodded and then sat down. He sat there quietly as the Captain continued to read something on the screen in front of him, "I apologize. I will be just a minute or two more." said Scot as he read over the last report, a coded message from Starbase Unity.

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When he finished reading the message Scot turned off his screen and then looked up at Kh'eldor. "Commander, I would like to thank you once again for your assistance aboard the freighter. I will be relaying my report to the High Command as well as my intention to award you with the Starfleet commendation for bravery." after a pause he leaned forward and said, "We have performed an initial interrogation of Japek and he has said nothing. I wonder if you might want to conduct the interrogation yourself? Perhaps you could find a way to get better results?" He then leaned back and tried to gauge what the Klingon officers reaction might be. He knew that there was no love lost between the two.
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Kh'eldor nodded towards Scot and then saluted him. "Thank you Captain, you do me a great honor." he then thought for several moments before continuing. "I will perform the interrogation on the traitor Japek if you would like. There are many answers I need from him as well."
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"Excellent." said Scot. He had hoped that the Klingon would agree. "We will release him into your custody. I don't want to interfere in the affairs of the High Council. I am certain you will be sure to follow Klingon law and give him treatment afforded to anyone of his status. Is that understood Commander?" Scot looked at Kh'eldor and hoped he understood what he was telling him.
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Kh'eldor looked at Scot as he thought about what he had just said. He was somewhat surprised that the Captain had not bombarded him with endless rules about the humane treatment of prisoners. Instead he had told him to apply Klingon law and treat Japek as someone of his status should be treated. In saying that, and by saying that he did not want to interfere in the affairs of the High Council, the Captain had essentially wiped his hands of all responsibility for Japek, the traitor.

"Yes Captain I understand. He will be treated accordingly." Kh'eldor said with a slight grin. The traitor was about to have a very unpleasant experience.
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"He is being held in the maximum security area of the brig. I will notify security that you will be conducting the interrogation. I will have a security officer escort you to the brig. He will also be on hand for added security." Scot reached over and grabbed a PADD that was sitting on his desk and typed something into it before sliding it across the desk. "Give this to Lieutenant Murtaugh at the tactical station on the bridge. And you will relay anything you find directly to me."
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As he picked up the PADD, Kh'eldor stood and once again nodded to the Captain before turning and walking towards the door. As he stepped through the door and onto the bridge he thought, 'You will soon see what it means for a Klingon to betray his people, Japek.'
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Post by: Aldus_O.Flynn on January 02, 2018, 05:54:35 PM

"Scot, I'm trying to access the Star Fleet records and though I should have PSI access, I'm being denied. Its rather urgent can you please use your override for us, we're on a timer here."

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Post by: Scot Harvath on January 16, 2018, 05:50:02 PM
Scot frowned as he listened to the communication from Aldus. Turning to face his terminal he pressed a couple of controls, accessing the medical terminal that the Doctor was using. When he saw the nature of the access request he immediately saw what the problem was. Reaching up he tapped his combadge, "Doc, those files are limited to Command level access, Ships Captains and above." he paused as he pressed a few more controls, "I have temporarily given access to your terminal. These files are for your eyes only and you can share information within them with those working with you, on a need to know basis. I will trust in your discretion."
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Post by: Aldus_O.Flynn on January 28, 2018, 07:39:49 PM
=/\= Combadge Communication =/\=

 "Thank you Scot, that helps immensely. I'll let you know as soon as possible what we find."
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Satisfied that the Doctor had all that he needed Scot turned his attention to his computer terminal and called up a personnel file he had been meaning to review. After a few minutes of reading and re-reading some sections he said "Captain Harvath to Lieutenant Zax. Report to my ready room." the faint chirping sound signaled that the channel was open. Leaving the file open on his screen Scot stood and stepped over to the replicator and asked for a cup of warm tea. As soon as the beverage materialized on the small pad, he grabbed the cup and sat down behind his desk. As he waited he sipped at the tea and let his mind wander aimlessly.